Pacific Northwest Trip (Day 2)

Oh wow!! Gotta get used to that time zone difference! We may have been on the west coast but our dang body clocks were still on the east coast.

We passed out early (9p) but we sure did wake up early (3a).

So after staring at each other for some time, waiting for the cob-webs to leave our heads, we decide to just hop in the car and drive up to Canada.

We stop at a conveinence store to grab some drinks.   The only employee there was a funny little thing. She was hopping around, high on Red Bull, and we also learned that she was going to school to get a degree . Well good for her. We wished her luck and got on our way.

It was a nice foggy day and at times was quite thick.

WOO HOO! We’re close to the border!

So we finaly get to the border and see just one lane open with a line of cars. Figures.

Of course the line goes slow but I’ll fast-forward for ya.

The guard was polite. Asked us a handfull of questions like… “Who’s your daddy and what does he do?” ……. oh wait…. that was from a movie I saw……

He did ask us how we knew each other (Rage: “Sir, I’m just filling my quota to help a mentaly disabled”)

He then asks how long we’ve known each other (Rage: “Sir, I just picked him up about a minute ago, just wondering around on the road drooling”)

He then asks why were we way over here in the west coast (Rage: “Sir, I was just wanting to see Canada, I didn’t plan on having this drooling mess here next to me”)

He asks how long we plan on staying there (Rage: “Sir, I just want to cruise around and take in the beauty of Vancouver and hopefully find a home for this poor dumb man there”)


So the poor guard feels sorry for Rage and lets him continue on. British Columbia!!


The drive is quite nice with the fog lifting slowly but surely. It even lasts up to us getting to Surrey.

But after that? The fog lifts quickly and O M G!


Well, looky here…..

We’re going through a tunnel….. in Canada…



A nice mountain view ahead….. in Canada…

 A shot of Captain Rage and his sidekick Commander Cage….. in Canada…

What Rage? Not Commander? Oh….. ok…… Lieutenant Cage then……… No? …….. um…… Ensign Cage? ……. oh boy…….. this is gonna be a long trip…….. some ex-military people can be su{THIS COMMENT WAS ABUSIVE AND WAS REMOVED}


Ok, I’m back….

Here were some nice streets….. in Canada.



This was all taken in Vancouver and with these next few shots, we noticed that the city has a futuristic look to it.


Ok…. more street shots.

 Oh, look, here’s a stop sign….. in Canada.

Ok, ok, sorry Rage, I’ll stop interrupting… continuing on with the great city shots…


Now here’s something you don’t see everyday…

Now, would you consider this a lazy dog? Lucky dog? Smart dog?

 Now for some bridge shots…… in Canada


There’s always that one car that has to stand out from the rest… eh?…. in Canada 

 Now earlier in the day, Rage had made us a mission….. you see, Rage’s ma collects little bells from various places throughout the world and we needed to get one from around here SO… as we’ve been admiring these greats views….in Canada…. we’ve also been looking for a gift shop of sorts so that we could complete this mission and complete it we shall!!

We just basically drove without much of care which direction…. just drive man… drive!

We found ourselves in a nice bay called Horseshoe Bay.




At this nice little place, we found a gift shop that had bells!


So with the mission completed, we decide to try to find our way back to the border.


Going back to the good ol’ U S of A!

Thank you Canada for your beautiful scenery and hospitaility, hope to come back again someday!

Getting through the border went just as smooth as getting through this morning. The guard asked just about the same questions as this morning. The guard was most pleased that Rage was taking his bumbling jester Cage back into the USA…

So once we were moving on, we started looking for the first exit available with a diner so that we could sit for lunch and discuss our next move.

We figured that since we were way up from Seattle to visit Canada, why not just keep doing the long distance spots. So our next stop? Portland, Oregon.

Rage placed in the mission to find a bell in Portland SO… off we go!

 Along this trip we witnessed a miracle of sorts. As we were crusing along, we saw a puff of smoke from within a handfull of cars ahead of us and then a car swirves from the right hand lane to all the way through three lanes of traffic, past the left hand lane and into the grass median and then come to a complete stop. We noticed no other cars were involved into this so Rage pulls over in fron of the stopped car to see if they were all ok. The driver came out looking around his car. He was wearing a Soldier uniform, the typical camouflage, and started talking with Rage. I noticed in the passenger seat was a lady looking scared to death. Rage shakes the guys hand and we take off to continue our journey. The soldier said someone had tried to push him off the road so he did the best he could to avoid any accident but found himself very lucky that he didn’t hit anybody else! Yes, lucky indeed to the point I would say a miracle considering the amount of traffic that was around him at the time and he found no damage to his car and no other car was hit! Rage did tell him that someone upstairs was looking out for them. Wow….

So, as you can see from the pictures above, the clouds were getting thicker as the day went along. By the time we got to Portland, the weather was miserable and so were we. Rage was wanting to kick me out of the car for the umptenth time but we were bound and determined to find a gift shop to find a bell dag’gummit.

We finally stumbles upon a store called… get this… Made in Oregon! You think we found a bell?


So with bell in hand, we head on out to find a Hotel and passed out.



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