Just Sayin……

I have purposely have refused to read much on the shooting in AZ. It is so gut wrenching to see the media on top of that city like vultures. I did see that Sheriff Dupnik apparently made comments about Rush Limbaugh and other media pundits about the use of violent metaphors or references. I do not disagree with this Sheriff in his thinking. I agree in principal that media ratings = Drama +violence = $$$. But I felt the point is being missed that an elected official that is to serve and uphold the law should not comment or get caught up in the media speculation. He should not engage the media in his opinions. Keep that to you and your deputies or family outside of media microphones. You are to be impartial and just. It annoys me that a Wolf Blitzer puts this guy on TV and asks questions about Rush and Sarah Palin as if his opinion has any credibility.

ok.. Rant complete.

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