Pacific Northwest (Day 3)

Hey yo! Cage here again. Our agenda for today will be to see Mt. Saint Helen and Mt. Rainer and then head on over to Spokane for a photo op with a building that has a huge milk bottle attached to it. Afterwards we’ll hit Idaho for yet another mission to get a bell from that state.

Lets see how the weather is today…

OK, not too bad, nice and cool and the sky is looking clear. What about you folks in Philly…

Oh wow, better, but…. really not gonna miss that scorcher on Monday. Oh well, we’ll stay cool in Washington.

So, we go towards Mt. Saint Helens and stop at the visitors center. From there we noticed the clouds getting thicker (figures) and covering Mt. Sain Helens (dang it!!) SO… I did the next best thing…

I walked all the way up the mountain and took a picture….. HA! Just kidding (obviously). This pic was taken in the visitors center’s monitor that takes live pictures throughout the day. This one was taken on a better clear day.

They tell us that even though the clouds are covering the top of the mountain, we should still get some good pics down the road.

SO…. on down the road we’ll go.

Hey, looks like we found a friend!

Hey there!! Of course I had to tell him that he left his underwear in Seattle.

Yea…. he wouldn’t let me go after that. (I don’t think he appreciated that news)

Rage talked him into letting me have my crushed hand back by letting him know that I was a mental patient on leave.

So…. of course…. now THEY’RE friends….. sigh…..

Welp, we say our goodbyes (and appologies) and continue on our way. I mean we ARE looking for a mountain of a lady Saint who already popped her top! (yes, Mt. Saint Helens)

I spot an opportunity to take a pic that expresses what we ALL know…..


 As we’re cruzin on down, we stop at a viewpoint that had a Helipad for tours. I would have LOVED to catch a ride with that but they were not available at the time. We snapped a couple of shots towards Mt. Saint Helens.



It’s WAY back there in the distance. (and I guess I was still looking for it)


Again we cruiz on down and just go in awe over the wonderful sceneries!!


We drive around a bend and go OH WOW!!

There she is!! We’re getting closer!

We stop at a viewpoint and strike some poses….





We finally made an executive decision to stop the cruze here and head on back. The clouds just were not our friend today and it seemed that it wasn’t going to let up.

SO…. our next spot? We’re going to see Helens’ neighbor, Mt. Rainer.

We make our way to the road that will take us quite close to the mountain by way of it’s park.

As we drive on in the park, we’re quite disapointed in learning that the way through is closed due to ….. snow….. ARRRGGGG!!! (Cage was NOT a happy camper)

So, we had to do some double backing but we took the second best route going around the mountain on the south side.

Yea, we can ALWAYS head back to Mt. Saint Helens right?


We were not able to get the best view of Mt. Rainier but we still managed to get some good shots in.


We also had a great time with the mountain views all around…








So we drive up to a Mt. Rainier viewpoint but the funny part of it was that it was snowed over!


Meanwhile as were looking around here and taking pics, I kept hearing the pebbles falling down the mountain side behind us.

It was both disturbing yet quite fascinating.


Ok, continuing on….

Another fascinating thing was just how deep the show was along the road and what they must do to keep the roads clear.

Cruzin…. on a Saturday afternoon… (Quicktime)


So as we’re cruzin along we spot this wonderful lake called Rimrock Lake and we just HAD to stop.

Just looking around this great lake. WOW. (Quicktime)

Just one of those places were you would find me camping out….


So as we’re leaving, I noticed a house on the mountainside, just on the other side of the highway.

Dang! Would love to live there and have a great lake almost in my front yard!

 Back on the road we go… Now you’ll notice as we get further along, the snow and trees start to disappear…


As we’re cruzin along here, we noticed that was a trend starting….

A BUNCH of fruit signs all around! Just made it look like these people were yelling FRUIT!! It seemed that this town had a contest to see who could make the biggest FRUIT sign and then decided to just use ALL of them! FRUUUUUUUUUUUIT!!


Ok, anyways, as we’re moving on, we also noticed that we were getting delirious. The wind was picking up quite a bit and combine that with our driving, it seemed that we were moving around 200 MPH! So… of course we had to take advantage of that to make a short video…

WOOO HOOO! Catch us if you can!!! (Quicktime)

My favorite video!!

Yea…. we were going bonkers about that time. We were a little better after that.


Ok, now we noticed that the mountains were also disappearing, giving way to farmlands..

 “We’re in the Spirit Mart”


Ok, now we’re heading through Spokane, WA

and heading to Coeur d’Alene, ID….


and we finally get to Idaho… YAY!


HA! He said “I’d da hoe”…. MAN! Wouldn’t Idaho just LOVE to have just a penny for every time it heard THAT dead horse joke?? They would BUY the United States…


Ok, so we get into Coeur d’Alene to try working on completing the mission in getting a bell. We made a stop in the local mall called Silver Lake Mall. Would we get such luck that we had in Portland that we would find a store called…. Made in Idaho? Nope.

We looked around this mall and …. boy, I can only hope we caught this place in a bad day because…. it was dead inside…. practically nobody!….. On a Saturday!


Rage and I made some web searches and phone calls until one lead had us going to an Exxon gas station with a gift shop. We found the gas station only had shot glasses as their best novelty BUT the lady did point us to the Walgreens across the street could have bells. So does it? YES!! Success!! Qapla’!!

SO, with the bell we’re almost happy about the night. The problem? Rage thinks he’s getting sick! He’s hoping its just allergies but it looks like a cold is coming…. oh boy….

We’ll see how he is in the morning……






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