American pride! Bad?



Just where the hell is the line drawn from where someone wants to show his country pride to pride going too far?
IS there such a thing as showing too much country pride??

If I see a house with a thousand American flags on a thousand poles I would probably go “Wow. Um. Holy crap!” but I would respect it and salute. Now, of course, if someone is abusing the flag then that’s crossing the line, which then those people will need a, um, “lesson” from vets. But just where is the line??
Where is it that will make a person go “You are too proud of your country, you MUST reduce your pride or else?”

Well, I’m glad you asked!

I just so happen to see such a story where a 90 year old decorated vet is being forced to remove his flag pole from his property in Virginia by the homeowner ASSociation’s board. It’s considered not “aesthetic”.

The ASSociation is telling itself that it’s not about the flag, it’s about the pole….. WHAT??!?
That’s the equivalent of them fining your brand new car because “Hey, we’re not against the car, we’re against the four bad tires it has.”

OK, to be fair, the reason the ASSociation is bringing this up is because they did deny his request for having a flag pole in the first place.
OK, yea, that makes them less jerks…. You ASSociation jerks can just keep telling yourselves that if it makes you sleep better at night. Not the poor old vet who ONLY fought for our country in three wars and received the Medal of Honor just so you could have that nice sleep at night. Nooooooo.

Yea, I have a line of words I would just LOVE to throw at this ASSociation.
My first thought was a story that involved a bunch of vets with guns storming the ASSociation but…… Where’s Rambo anyways??

Well the good news is that he’s getting all kinds of help from local people, a lawfirm willing to represent him for free, to a Senator! Now THAT’S America. I do hope they cut the ASSociaion pricks down a few notches and teach them to THINK and use their heads and hearts…. not their damn pens.

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